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Author: Weiss

Sixty years of spectroscopic research: a tribute to Professor Edward B. M. Steers 2891 2896
Zdeněk Weiss, Juliet C. Pickering, and Volker Hoffmann Vol. 73, 12
Expression of tyrosine/DOPA decarboxylase genes in opium poppy Papaver somniferum 603 603
K. Weissova, F. Bilek, L. Bezakova, and B. Psenak Vol. 52, SI
Modelling of Intercalated Clay Minerals 1 6
P. Čapková, R. A. J. Driessen, M. Numan, H. Schenk, Z. Weiss, and Z. Klika Vol. 52, 1
Inelastic neutron scattering study of low-frequency vibrations of water molecules in natrolite 779 783
F. Pechar, P. Schweiss, and H. Fuess Vol. 36, 6
Determination of iron(II) oxide in tourmalines 671 676
D. Weiss Vol. 23, 9
Oscillographic behavior of bivalent metals in thiocyanatehexamethylenetetramine solutions 302 305
D.Weiss Vol. 16, 4-5

Sunday, November 28, 2021

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