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Author: Vidal

Influence of caffeine and temperature on corrosion-resistance of CoCrMo alloy 1066 1078
Manuela Romas, Anna Igual Munoz, Daniel Mareci, Carlos Valero Vidal, Silvia Curteanu, and Daniel Sutiman Vol. 68, 8
Near UV Spectroscopy and Electronic Structure of Dibenzo-p-dioxin, the Parent Compound of Highly Food-Polluting Agents 112 118
B. Vidal Vol. 57, 2
Intensity of the Long-Wavelength UV Transition of Vitamin E 7 14
B. Vidal Vol. 55, 1
Effects of Strongly Perturbating Substituents on the Near UV Spectra of 3,4-Methylenedioxybenzene Derivatives 301 314
J. Vardin and B. Vidal Vol. 46, 5
Effects of strain and conjugation on the structure of the benzene-ring in a free benzene molecule, in benzofuran, 1-indanone, and phthalide 603 620
B. Vidal, J. Vardin, and A. Darryhenaut Vol. 44, 5

Sunday, December 10, 2023

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