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Determination of N-acetyl-L-cysteine and glutathione by the colorimetric method with the use of a smartphone as a detector 4261 4268
Anita Martinović Bevanda, Anamarija Arapović, Matej Vasilj, Ante Pušić, Stanislava Talić, and Anita Ivanković Vol. 78, 7
Effect of temperature on the equilibrium and kinetics of galactose, glucose, and lactose adsorption on a cation exchanger 1649 1655
Łukasz Wiśniewski, Katarína Vaňková, Pavel Ačai, and Milan Polakovič Vol. 68, 12
Influence of the ionic form of a cation-exchange adsorbent on chromatographic separation of galactooligosaccharides 583 588
Juraj Moravčík, Michal Gramblička, Łukasz Wiśniewski, Katarína Vaňková, and Milan Polakovič Vol. 66, 6
Design and economics of industrial production of fructooligosaccharides 375 381
Katarína Vaňková, Zdenka Onderková, Monika Antošová, and Milan Polakovič Vol. 62, 4
Design and Economics of Industrial Production of Fructosyltransferase 441 448
K. Vaňková, M. Antošová, and M. Polakovič Vol. 59, 6a
Preferences in Expression of Different Codons of Zein and Lectin Proteins. 308 308
Š. Ivanko, M. Demková, and L. Vaško Vol. 52, SI
Regulatory effects of hydrogen peroxide and oxidized collagen on macrophage activity. 539 539
M. Vankova and J. Wilhelm Vol. 52, SI
Gamma-glutamyl transferase and peptidases from separated duodenal brush border membrane of swine in lectin-bound interaction 613 614
L. Slesarova, M. Molnarova, A. Orinak, Z. Dicakova, E. Scurokova, and S. Ivanko Vol. 52, SI
The synthesis of vinyl acetate in the gas phase. II. Optimum volumetric velocity. Time-volume yields and life of the catalyst 657 669
J. Janda and A. Vanko Vol. 12, 11
Catalysts for vinyl chloride. II. Increasing the activity of the mercuric chloride catalyst by the addition of inorganic acids. Effect of the carrier of the catalyst salt on the activity and the selectivity of the catalyst 248 258
J. Janda and A. Vanko Vol. 11, 5
Catalysts for vinyl chloride. III. The conditions for development of side reaction products 660 668
J. Janda and A. Vanko Vol. 11, 11

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