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Improvements in the selection of real components forming a substitute mixture for petroleum fractions 399 405
Egon Eckert and Tomáš Vaněk Vol. 63, 4
Mathematical modelling of selected characterisation procedures for oil fractions 26 33
Egon Eckert and Tomáš Vaněk Vol. 62, 1
Extended Utilization of the Characterization of Petroleum Mixtures Based on Real Components 428 433
E. Eckert and T. Vaněk Vol. 59, 6a
Phytoremediation of heavy metals by hairy-root culture of Armoracia rusticana L. 546 546
P. Soudek, R. Podlipna, and T. Vanek Vol. 52, SI
19th Meeting on Methods of Determination and on Importance of Trace Elements in Biological Material 287 288
M. Karvánek Vol. 40, 2
Determination of copper and nickel in iron and gallium by activation analysis 701 705
J. Borák, M. Křivánek, F. Kukula, and V. Vinš Vol. 22, 9
Extraction-radiometric titration 188 195
F. Kukula and M. Křivánek Vol. 20, 3
Biochemistry in the production of spicy paprika. I. Changes occurring during wilting (aging) process 124 129
V. Zitko and M. Galvánek Vol. 13, 2
Volumetric determination of thallium 546 555
A. Jílek, J. Brandštetr, and M. Křivánek Vol. 9, 9
The determination of bismuth with 8-quinolinol 563 569
A. Jílek and M. Křivánek Vol. 7, 9

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