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Author: Ucar

Organometallic chiral Schiff base for enantio-selective fluorescent recognition of methionine 1855 1862
Asuman Ucar, Mukerrem Findik, Haluk Bingol, Ersin Guler, and Emine Ozcan Vol. 71, 10
Effect of ethyl acetate on carbohydrate components and crystalline structure of pulp produced in aqueous acetic acid pulping 284 290
Esat Gümüşkaya, Mustafa Usta, and Mualla Balaban Uçar Vol. 63, 3
Bioinformatics - A Novel Tool in Molecular Biology 280 280
L. Kľučár and J. Turňa Vol. 52, SI
Preparation of partially acetylated methyl 2-deoxy-beta-D-erytro-pentofuranosides 371 371
J. Kozak, Ps. Kucar, and P. Magdolen Vol. 52, SI
Metastable Ion Kinetic Energy and Collision-Induced Dissociation Study of Per-O-acetylated D-Trehaloses under the Conditions of Electron Impact and Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry 122 124
V. Pätoprstá, V. Kováčik, and Š. Kučár Vol. 47, 2
Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds with Saccharidic Component 413 419
J. Kozák, S. Kučár, M. Matulová, and E. Jedlovská Vol. 46, 6
Study of Acetylated Methyl 2-Deoxy-D-erythro-pentosides by Electron Impact and Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry 249 252
V. Kováčik, J. Kozák, and Š. Kučár Vol. 46, 4
Partial Hydrolysis of Acyl Derivatives of Saccharides. 3. Methanolysis and Hydrazinolysis of Acyl Derivatives of α-and β-d-Xylopyranosides 61 65
Š. Kučár, J. Kozák, and M. Matulová Vol. 46, 1
Preparation of 2-deoxy-D-  and L-erythro-pentoses by electrooxidative reduction of the respective glucometasaccharinic acids in the presence of cerium(IV) ions 91 94
Š. Kučár, J. Kozák, and J. Kubala Vol. 45, 1
Enzymatic deacetylation of the peracetylated xylosides in anhydrous methanol 273 280
V. Kéry, P. Gaduš, and Š. Kučár Vol. 44, 2
Identification of O-acetyl-O-trifluoroacetyl-1,6-anhydro-β -D-glucopyranoses by gas-chromatography and mass-spectrometry 677 684
V. Mihálov, Š. Kučár, and V. Kováčik Vol. 43, 5
Partial methanolysis and hydrazinolysis of some derivatives of 1,6-anhydro- ß-D-glucopyranose 389 399
Š. Kučár, I. Tvaroška, J. Zemek, D. Anderle, and M. Matulová Vol. 42, 3
Transformation of 4-deoxysaccharides in alkaline medium 241 244
Š. Kučár, J. Zemek, and J. Zámocký Vol. 36, 2
Preparation of D-mannoheptulose 695 698
Š. Kučár, K. Linek, and Z. Novotná Vol. 35, 5
Preparation of 3-, 4-, and 6-deoxyderivatives of guanosine diphosphate-D-mannose 414 419
S. Kučár, J. Zámocký, J. Zemek, and Š. Bauer Vol. 32, 3
Kinetics of alkaline hydrolysis of substituted esters of phenylcarbamic acid 227 233
M. Stankovičová, M. Kučárová, and M. Pešák Vol. 29, 2
Optical rotatory dispersion studies. IX. 2,3-Unsaturated esters of aldonic acids 226 229
T. Sticzay, C. Peciar, S. Bystrický, and S. Kučár Vol. 28, 2
Synthesis of 2-deoxy-α-D-glucopyranosyl and 2-deoxy-α-D-galactopyranosyl phosphates 115 119
Š. Kučár, J. Zámocký, and Š. Bauer Vol. 28, 1
Optical Rotatory Dispersion Studies. V. Glycals of Monosaccharides 203 206
T. Sticzay, V. Bílik, and S. Kučár Vol. 24, 3
Mass Spectrometry of Some Unsaturated Monosaccharides arid Their Peracetyl Derivatives 52 58
V. Kováčik, V. Bílik, and S. Kučár Vol. 24, 1
Spectrophotometric determination of acetyl groups in o-acetyl derivatives of sugars 622 626
V. Bilík and Š. Kučár Vol. 22, 8

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