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Author: Tvaroška

Glycosyltransferases as targets for therapeutic intervention in cancer and inflammation: molecular modeling insights 1953 1988
Igor Tvaroška Vol. 76, 4
Molecular dynamic studies of amyloid-beta interactions with curcumin and Cu2+ ions 1262 1276
Stanislav Kozmon and Igor Tvaroška Vol. 69, 9
Synthesis of potential inhibitors of glycosyltransferases representing UDP-GlcNAc 339 347
Marek Baráth, Miroslav Koóš, Igor Tvaroška, and Ján Hirsch Vol. 69, 2
Development of transition state analogue inhibitors for N-acetylglycosyltransferases bearing D-psicoor D-tagatofuranose scaffolds 348 357
Marek Baráth, Chun-Hung Lin, Igor Tvaroška, and Ján Hirsch Vol. 69, 2
Comparative DFT study on the α-glycosidic bond in reactive species of galactosyl diphosphates 598 607
Juraj Kóňa and Igor Tvaroška Vol. 63, 5
Synthesis of saccharide precursors for preparation of potential inhibitors of glycosyltranferases 329 335
Ján Hirsch, Miroslav Koóš, and Igor Tvaroška Vol. 63, 3
Step by step towards understanding gold glyconanoparticles as elements of the nanoworld 237 255
L. Sihelníková and I. Tvaroška Vol. 61, 4
Angular Dependence of the C-6 Chemical Shift and the Conformation of the Hydroxymethyl Group  in Carbohydrates* 77 83
K. Mazeau, F. R. Taravel, and I. Tvaroška Vol. 50, 2
On the Flexibility of the Lewis x, Lewis a, Sialyl Lewis x, and Sialyl Lewis a Oligosaccharides Conformational Analysis in Solution by Molecular Modelling 84 96
F. Bízik and I. Tvaroška Vol. 50, 2
Conformational Analysis of Disaccharide Fragments of Blood Group Determinants in Solution by Molecular Modelling 202 214
F. Bízik and I. Tvaroška Vol. 49, 4
Theoretica  studies on the conformation of saccharides. 12. The anomeric effect in glycosyl halides 239 244
I. Tvaroška Vol. 43, 2
Partial methanolysis and hydrazinolysis of some derivatives of 1,6-anhydro- ß-D-glucopyranose 389 399
Š. Kučár, I. Tvaroška, J. Zemek, D. Anderle, and M. Matulová Vol. 42, 3
Correction 864 864
I. Tvaroška and J. Gajdoš Vol. 41, 6
Standard geometrical models for hexopyranoses 485 500
I. Tvaroška and J. Gajdoš Vol. 41, 4
Theoretical-studies on the conformation of saccharides .11. Stereochemistry of methyl α-D-glucopyranosides and methyl β-D-glucopyranosides in solution 501 510
I. Tvaroška and T. Kožár Vol. 41, 4
Theoretical stereochemistry of molecules with heteroatoms linked to the tetrahedral center and the anomeric effect 805 847
I. Tvaroška and T. Bleha Vol. 39, 6
Theoretical study on the stereochemistry of bis(methylthio)methane, a model of dithioacetal segment in thiosaccharides 189 197
I. Tvaroška Vol. 38, 2
Structure of the acetal segment in O-glycosides 425 440
I. Tvaroška and T. Kožár Vol. 35, 4
Calculation of electrostatic interactions in torsional potential of the internucleotide phosphodiesteric unit 3 17
J. Mlýnek, T. Bleha, and I. Tvaroška Vol. 34, 1
Irregular structures in poly(vinyl chloride). I. Saturated structures 3 17
L. Valko, I. Tvaroška, and V. Kellö Vol. 26, 1

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