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Author: Suchý

Separation of structurally related flavonoids by GC/MS technique 620 620
L. Novotny, A. Vachalkova, T. Al-Nakib, Sa. Amine, D. Vesela, and V. Suchy Vol. 52, SI
Flavonoids in flowers of Calendula officinalis L. 105 108
I. Mašterová, Z. Grančaiová, S. Uhrínová, V. Suchý, K. Ubik, and M. Nagy Vol. 45, 1
Correction 431 431
I. Mašterová, D. Uhrín, V. Kettmann, and V. Suchý Vol. 44, 3
Phytochemical study of salvia-officinalis l 797 803
I. Mašterová, D. Uhrín, V. Kettmann, and V. Suchý Vol. 43, 6
Constituents of propolis of Czechoslovak origin V. 691 696
M. Nagy, V. Suchý, D. Uhrín, K. Ubik, M. Buděšinský, and D. Grančai Vol. 42, 5
Veratrum alkaloids. XXX. Isolation and characterization of principal alkaloids from the underground part of Veratrum nigrum L 547 549
D. Grančai, J. Mlčková, V. Suchý, and J. Tomko Vol. 33, 4
Veratrum alkaloids. XXIX. Glucoveracintine, a new glycoalkaloid from Veratrum album subspecies Lobelianum (BERNH.) Suessenguth 120 123
D. Grančai, V. Suchý, J. Tomko, and L. Dolejš Vol. 32, 1
Preparative chromatographic separation of a mixture of phenylacetylcarbinol and methylbenzoylcarbinol 201 206
J. Suchý and M. Fedoroňko Vol. 17, 3
The changes of infrared spectra of sprucewood lignin in the 1600-1800 cm-1 region during acidolysis 891 904
J. Polčin, B. Kosíková, P. Šipoš, M. Dandárová-Vašátkova, and J. Suchý Vol. 17, 12
Derivatives of ferrocene. VIII. Diels-Alder reaction of N-ferrocenylmaleimide with compounds of diene character 21 30
M. Furdík, Š. Toma, and J. Suchý Vol. 17, 1
Alkaloids from Vinca minor. The constitution of vincamine 41 53
J. Mokrý, I. Kompiš, J. Suchý, P. Šefčovič, and Z. Votický Vol. 17, 1
Study of alcoholic extraction of lignin by infrared spectrophotometry 562 573
J. Polčin, B. Košíková, J. Suchý, and M. Vašátková Vol. 16, 7
The derivatives of ferrocene. V. Aldol condensation of 1,1'-diacetylferrocene with alilohatic aldehydes 449 457
M. Furdík, Š. Toma, and J. Suchý Vol. 16, 6
Spectrophotometric determination in the near infrared on the instrument UR 10 Zeiss 486 490
J. Suchý and M. Vašátková Vol. 16, 6
Derivatives of ferrocene. VII. Diels Alder reaction of ferrocenylfulvene and its derivatives with N substituted malei- mides 719 740
M. Furdík, Š. Toma, J. Suchý, and M. Dzurilla Vol. 16, 10
Steroidal alkaloids from veratrum album variety Lobelianum. IV. Selenium dehydrogenation of veralcamine 105 108
J. Tomko, J. Suchý, and I. Bendík Vol. 16, 1-2
The constitution of vincamine 140 150
J. Mokrý, I. Kompiš, J. Suchy, P. Šefčovič, and Z. Votický Vol. 16, 1-2
Derivatives of ferrocene. III. Preparation of fulvenes from monoacetyl- and diacetylferrocenes 547 553
M. Furdík, Š. Toma, and J. Suchý Vol. 15, 8
Synergists of pyrethrum. VII. The differentiation of endo and exo isomers of derivatives of bicyclo[2.2.1]hept-5-ene-2,3-dicarboximides with infrared absorption spectra 490 495
M. Furdík, V. Sutoris, and J. Suchý Vol. 15, 7
Derivatives of ferrocene. II. The formation of heterocyclic compounds from diacetylferrocene 45 62
M. Furdík, Š. Toma, J. Suchý, and P. Elečko Vol. 15, 1
Simple cuvette with a device to adjust the thickness for infrared spectroscopy 70 73
J. Suchý Vol. 15, 1
Derivatives of ferrocene. I. The synthesis from acetylferrocene 501 512
M. Furdík, P. Elečko, Š. Toma, and J. Suchý Vol. 14, 7

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