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Author: Rakovič

Study of Precipitation in Neutron Activation Analysis. IV. Separation of Arsenic (V) Sulphide or Silver Arsenate in Determination of Arsenic in Biological Material 147 149
M. Rakovič Vol. 23, 2
Resonance neutrons in the activation analysis of gold 87 92
Z. Prouza and M. Rakovič Vol. 22, 2
Precipitation in neutron activation analysis. II. Coprecipitation of iron by cobaltic 1-nitroso-2-naphtholate 743 747
M. Rakovič Vol. 22, 10
Precipitation in neutron activation analysis. III. Separation of cuprous iodide in determination of copper in biological material 748 754
M. Rakovič Vol. 22, 10
Absorption curves of various sodium-24-potassium-42 mixtures for radiochemical purity control during neutron activation analysis 538 544
M. Rakovič and Z. Procházková Vol. 20, 7
Precipitation process for neutron activation analysis. I. Coprecipitation of Na during the precipitation of potassium perchlorate 293 298
M. Rakovič and Z. Procházková Vol. 20, 4
A nondestructive determination of phosphorus in various kinds of animal tissues with neutron activation analysis 669 675
M. Rakovič and H. Talpová Vol. 18, 9

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