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Electrochemical, spectroscopic and theoretical studies for acid corrosion of zinc using glycogen 1387 1399
Mikitha Pais and Padmalatha Rao Vol. 75, 4
Thermodynamics, adsorption, and response surface methodology investigation of the corrosion inhibition of aluminum by Terminalia chebula Ritz. extract in H3PO4 653 667
Deepa Prabhu, P. R. Prabhu, and Padmalatha Rao Vol. 75, 2
An experimental research on pH-responsive amino acid-coated Ni(1−x)CoxFe2O4 nanoparticles as a nano-carrier for drug delivery and biological applications 6047 6057
Eshrati Yeganeh, Faten, Yousefi, Mohammad, Hekmati, Malak, Bikhof, and Maryam Vol. 75, 11
Composites based on graphite oxide and zirconium phthalocyanines with aromatic amino acids as photoactive materials 5421 5433
Gerasymchuk, Yuriy, Tahershamsi, Leili, Tomala, Robert, Wedzynska, Anna, Chernii, Viktor, Tretyakova, Iryna, Korona-Glowniak, Izabela, Rajtar, Barbara, Malm, Anna, Piatek, Dominika, Lukowiak, and Anna Vol. 75, 10
New D–A–π–A organic photo-sensitizer with thioindoxyl group for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells 1487 1494
Mozhgan Hosseinnezhad, Kamaladin Gharanjig, and Siamak Moradian Vol. 74, 5
Molecular structure, FT-IR and NMR analyses of dihydrogen-bonded B3N3H6···HM complexes: a DFT and MP2 approach 1609 1619
Parimala Devi Duraisamy, Praveena Gopalan, and Abiram Angamuthu Vol. 74, 5
Schiff base of 4E,10E-4-(2-(4-nitrophenyl)-N-((1H-indol-3-yl)methylene) benzenamine-based “turn-on” fluorescence chemosensor for highly selective detection of Ni2+, Fe3+, and Mg2+ ions 4213 4226
Mathivanan Iyappan, Ezhumalai Dhineshkumar, and Chinnadurai Anbuselvan Vol. 74, 12
Study of the copper effect in iron-gall inks after artificial ageing 1905 1915
Giusj Valentina Fichera, Marco Malagodi, Pacifico Cofrancesco, Maduka L. Weththimuni, Clara Guglieri, Luca Olivi, Silvestro Ruffolo, and Maurizio Licchelli Vol. 72, 8
Identification of flavanones from Boesenbergia rotunda as potential antioxidants and monoamine oxidase B inhibitors 2473 2483
P. Ajmala Shireen, K. Muraleedharan, and V. M. Abdul Mujeeb Vol. 71, 12
Regeneration of levulinic acid from loaded-organic phase: equilibrium, kinetic studies and process economics 1939 1951
Sumalatha Eda, Baby Jyothsna Kota, Prathap Kumar Thella, Satyavathi Bankupalli, Suresh K. Bhargava, and Rajarathinam Parthasarathy Vol. 71, 10
Iron cross-linked carboxymethyl cellulose–gelatin complex coacervate beads for sustained drug delivery 243 252
Gwendolen Ong Sze Huei, Saravanan Muniyandy, Thenapakiam Sathasivam, Anand Kumar Veeramachineni, and Pushpamalar Janarthanan Vol. 70, 2
Comparison of digestion methods for determination of total phosphorus in river sediments 1015 1021
Jitka Malá and Marcela Lagová Vol. 68, 8
Facile synthesis of 3-aryl-1-((4-aryl-1,2,3-selenadiazol-5-yl)sulfanyl)isoquinolines 883 889
Kamalakannan Prabakaran, Fazlur-Rahman Nawaz Khan, Jong Sung Jin, Euh Duck Jeong, and Pitchai Manivel Vol. 65, 6
Silicon-based thiourea-mediated and microwave-assisted thio-Michael addition under solvent-free reaction conditions 707 713
Kamalakannan Prabakaran, Machindra Gund, Tae Kyu Kim, Euh Duck Jeong, Chae Young Oh, Fazlur-Rahman Nawaz Khan, and Jong Sung Jin Vol. 65, 5
Cholinesterases in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with radicular lumbosacral syndrome 456 456
Z. Malatova and M. Vaskova Vol. 52, SI
Enzymatic synthesis of glucooligosaccharides 350 350
S. Mala and B. Kralova Vol. 52, SI
Regioselectivity in the 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition of Nitrile Oxides to 1-Substituted 3,3-Methylene-5,5-dimethyl-2-pyrrolidinones 404 409
L. Jarošková, Ľ. Fišera, J. Maláková, N. Prónayová, and P. Ertl Vol. 48, 6
Induction period of crystallization of calcium-chloride solutions in ethylene-glycol 221 225
I. Sláma and J. Malá Vol. 45, 2
Supercooling ability of lithium nitrate solutions in ethylene glycol 21 25
I. Sláma and J. Malá Vol. 45, 1
Supercooling ability of lithium chloride solutions in ethylene glycol 507 512
I. Sláma and J. Malá Vol. 43, 4
Glass-forming ability and glass-transition temperatures of some systems salt - methyl-alcohol 363 370
I. Sláma and J. Malá Vol. 43, 3
Glass-forming ability and glass-transition temperatures of some salt - dimethylacetamide systems 467 473
I. Sláma and J. Malá Vol. 42, 4
Glass-transition temperatures and glass-forming region in the calcium nitrate dimethyl-sulfoxide dimethylformamide system 319 327
J. Malá and I. Sláma Vol. 42, 3
Glass-transition temperatures and glass-forming region in the calcium nitrate water dimethylformamide system 329 338
J. Malá and I. Sláma Vol. 42, 3
Glass-forming ability of molten solvated salts. Glass transition temperatures of some systems salt-dimethylformamide 139 146
J. Malá and I. Sláma Vol. 42, 2
Glass-transition temperatures of the system zinc-chloride dimethylsulfoxide water 721 727
J. Malá and I. Sláma Vol. 39, 6
Temperature of glass transitions and the glass-forming region in the system lithium nitrate-dimethyl sulfoxide-water 395 403
J. Malá and I. Sláma Vol. 38, 3
Extraction of complex iodide anions with cationogenic tensides. Extraction spectrophotometric determination of divalent mercury 91 95
J. Jurkevičiute and M. Malát Vol. 36, 1
Temperature of the glass transition of some systems of inorganic nitrates and chlorides with dimethyl sulfoxide 207 213
J. Malá and I. Slamá Vol. 35, 2
Spectrophotometric determination of platinum metals. IV. Determination of rhodium and platinum with Chromazurol S in the presence of cation-active tensides 111 117
J. Šabartová, M. Herrmannová, M. Malát, and L. Čermáková Vol. 34, 1
Glass-transition temperature and molar conductivity of hydrated molten calcium nitrate and calcium chloride mixtures 3 14
J. Novák, J. Malá, Z. Kodejš, and I. Sláma Vol. 33, 1
Reaction of cadmium(II) and zinc(II) ions with hydrogen sulfide in molten lithium and potassium chlorides 733 742
J. Malá and I. Sláma Vol. 28, 6

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