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Author: Mäsiar

Hemoglobin. XVI. The isolation and characterization of hemoglobin chains of the monkey Macacus rhesus 346 352
P. Mäsiar and J. Vnek Vol. 17, 5
Hemoglobin. XVII. Effect of carboxypeptidase A and B on the polypeptide chain isolated from the hemoglobin of the monkey Macacus rhesus 353 358
P. Mäsiar Vol. 17, 5
Hemoglobin. XI. Study of the order around arginine and lysine in the molecule of sheep and beef hemoglobin 516 522
M. Teleha and P. Mäsiar Vol. 15, 7
Hemoglobin. VI. The number and termination of polypeptide chains of cat hemoglobin 212 217
P.Mäsiar Vol. 15, 3
Fractionation of trypsin hydrolyzate of hemoglobin on a cellulose column 154 157
P. Mäsiar Vol. 15, 2
Hemoglobin. IV. The structure of protein component in hemoglobin of monkey (Macacus rhesus) 603 615
P. Mäsiar Vol. 14, 8
Hemoglobin. V. N-terminal amino acids and the number of polypeptide chains in rat hemoglobin 717 724
P. Mäsiar Vol. 14, 10
Hemoglobin. III. The similarity in the structure of protein components in cat and rat hemoglobin 58 65
P. Mäsiar and M. Jurovčík Vol. 13, 1
Peptides of cysteic acid isolated from basic and neutral fraction of partially acid hydrolyzate of horse hemoglobin 451 457
P. Mäsiar Vol. 12, 7
Binding of amino acids on the carboxyl end of lysine and arginine in polypeptide chain of human and horse hemoglobin. I 713 721
P. Mäsiar Vol. 12, 12

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