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Author: Lazár

Efficient utilization of inulin and glycerol as fermentation substrates in erythritol and citric acid production using Yarrowia lipolytica expressing inulinase 1452 1459
Magdalena Rakicka, Zbigniew Lazar, Anita Rywińska, and Waldemar Rymowicz Vol. 70, 11
Thio-click approach to the synthesis of stable glycomimetics 889 895
László Lázár, Magdolna Csávás, Marietta Tóth, László Somsák, and Anikó Borbá Vol. 69, 6
Dynamic Copolymerization of Butyl Acrylate with Diallyl Phthalate in Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Matrix 122 127
J. Pavlinec and M. Lazár Vol. 48, 2
Ing. Rudolf Rado, DrSc. - Sixty Years Old 431 432
D. Šimunková, M. Lazár, and E. Borsig Vol. 42, 3
Efficiency of polyfunctional monomers in polypropylene cross-linking by various peroxides 253 258
M. Čapla, E. Borsig, and M. Lazár Vol. 41, 2
Influence of polyfunctional monomers on crosslinking of polypropylene 561 566
M. Čapla, M. Lazár, and A. Pajchortová Vol. 37, 4
Induced decomposition of 9,10-dioxyanthracene 81 88
M. Lazár, J. Rychlý, and S. Markuš Vol. 33, 1
Initiation of methyl methacrylate polymerization by 9,10-dioxyanthracene 89 94
M. Lazár, J. Pavlinec, and S. Markuš Vol. 33, 1
Kinetic description of cumene hydroperoxide decomposition catalyzed by cobalt(II) naphthenate 271 277
L. Matisová-Rychlá, J. Rychlý, I. Chodák, and M. Lazár Vol. 31, 2
Polymerization of vinyl monomers initiated by the system of N-bromosuccinimide (N-bromocaprolactam) and hydroperoxides 318 327
M. Lazár, J. Rychlý, and J. Pavlinec Vol. 30, 3
Radical polymerization of methyl methacrylate initiated by thermal and catalyzed decomposition of 1,2,4,5-tetraoxane 328 335
E. Borsig, O. Vadňalová, P. Kolár, and M. Lazár Vol. 30, 3
Chemiluminescence Accompanying the Decomposition of Dibenzoyl Peroxide in Pyridine 426 432
L. Matisová-Rychlá and M. Lazár Vol. 26, 5
Radical Reactions Initiated by Chelate Complexes of Transition Metals. IV. System Bidentate Ligand—Salt of the Transition Metal— Halogen-Containing Compound as Initiator of Vinyl Chloride Polymerization 292 299
J. Bartoň, Z. Maňásek, and M. Lazár Vol. 25, 4
Decomposition of Benzoyl Peroxide on the Synthetic Faujasite of the Na X Type 245 251
J. Rychlý, M. Lazár, and Č. Hýbl Vol. 24, 4
Fractionation of Block Copolymer Methyl Methacrylate—Styrene Obtained by Copolymerization Method 198 202
E. Borsig, Š. Florián, and M.Lazár Vol. 24, 3
Thermal Decomposition of Benzoyl Peroxide in Solid State 881 894
M. Lazár and P. Ambrovič Vol. 23, 11-12
Developmental theory on biradical polymerization 627 637
E. Borsig and M. Lazár Vol. 22, 8
Polymerization of methyl methacrylate initiated by the 1,1-diphenyl-l-propyl radical 430 438
E. Borsig, M. Lazár, and M. Čapla Vol. 20, 6
Interpolymer efficiency of cross-linking of the atactic polypropylene-polyethylene-dicumyl peroxide blend 28 36
M. Lazár and J. Bartoň Vol. 20, 1
Transfer reactions of the poly(methyl methacrylate) radical with some solvents 428 434
M. Lazár and J. Pavlinec Vol. 15, 6
Cross-linking of saturated polymers on grafting 435 440
M. Lazár and R. Rado Vol. 15, 6
The course of grafting effectiveness with organic polymers by transfer reactions 327 332
M. Lazár Vol. 15, 5
Cross-linking of polyethylene with benzoyl peroxide. III. Cross-linkage formation 191 197
R. Rado and M. Lazár Vol. 15, 3
Cross-linking of polyethylene with benzoyl peroxide. II. The mechanism of the decomposition reaction of the peroxide 95 101
R. Rado and M. Lazár Vol. 15, 2
Cross-linking polyethylene with benzoyl peroxide. I. Kinetics of peroxide decomposition 63 69
R. Rado and M. Lazár Vol. 15, 1
Polymerization of vinylidene chloride in the presence of solvents 117 123
A. Hrivík, M. Lazár, and Š. Kováč Vol. 13, 2
Polymerization of trifluorochloroethylene initiated by γ radiation. II. Effect of pentachloroethane on the speed and the degree of polymerization 627 631
M. Lazár and N. Kliman Vol. 12, 10
The kinetics of the polymerization of trichloroethylene in pentachloroethane 383 389
M. Lazár and R. Rado Vol. 11, 7
The polymerization of unsaturated compounds initiated by γ-radiation 230 235
M. Lazár, R. Rado, and N. Kliman Vol. 11, 4
The polymerization of trifluorochloroethylene by γ-radiation 584 588
M. Lazár, R. Rado, and N. Kliman Vol. 10, 9
The decomposition of benzoyl peroxide in pentachloroethane in the presence of trifluorochloroethylene 262 267
R. Rado and M. Lazár Vol. 10, 5
The kinetic relations of the polymerization without pressure of trifluorochloroethylene in pentachloroethane 120 129
M. Lazár and R. Rado Vol. 10, 2
The polymerization of trifluorochloroethylene without pressure 74 77
M. Lazár Vol. 10, 1
Rozpustnosť trifluórchlóretylénu v niektorých organických rozpúšťadlách 227 231
M. Lazár Vol. 9, 4
The polymerization of vinyl chloride at atmospheric pressure 346 355
M. Lazár and K. Kľučka Vol. 8, 6

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