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Fluoride anion sensing using colorimetric reagents containing binaphthyl moiety and urea binding site 709 715
Roman Mikláš, Peter Kasák, Ferdinand Devínsky, and Martin Putala Vol. 63, 6
О-Acetylation of 4-Hydroxybenzoic Acid with Acetic Anhydride 111 116
A. Klásek, S. Kafka, and J. Starigazda Vol. 51, 2
Determination of the equivalence point and of the solubility product in radiometric and other similar precipitation titrations 523 529
J. Klas Vol. 20, 7
Analysis based on the isotope dilution of a radioactive compound 530 537
J. Klas Vol. 20, 7
Calculation of the hydrogen ion concentrations in solutions of several acids or bases 202 205
J. Klas Vol. 20, 3
Equivalence point determination in radiometric precipitation titration by activity measurement of the precipitant 689 694
J. Klas Vol. 19, 9
Evaluation of precipitation titrations through the starting point of precipitate formation 695 698
J. Klas Vol. 19, 9
Theoretical investigation of β-ray reflection during precipitation titrations 783 791
J. Klas Vol. 19, 10
The analysis of isotopic dilutions of radioactive matter 250 258
J. Klas Vol. 18, 4
Analysis of multicomponent systems by the method of β-radiation 144 147
J. Klas Vol. 18, 2
Determination of copper and zinc in certain pharmaceutical preparations by measurement of the intensity of back-scattered β-rays 504 509
M. Šaršúnová, J. Klas, and J. Tölgyessy Vol. 17, 7
Analysis of two-component systems by the back-scattering of β-particles 498 503
J. Klas Vol. 17, 7
Modification of rubber. IV. The composition of mixtures after grafting butadienestyrene rubber with styrene 337 345
E. Štaudner, J. Beniska, K. Stoklasa, J. Mosný, and J. Dohányos Vol. 17, 5
The determination of calcium salts by measuring the intensity of back-scattered beta radiation 140 145
J. Tölgyessy, M. Šaršúnová, and J. Klas Vol. 17, 2

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