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Author: Jančář

Composites based on polyurethane–urea and ground rubber from car tyres: relation between structure and properties 1119 1127
Miroslav Černý and Josef Jančář Vol. 71, 6
Biodegradable polyhydroxybutyrate as a polyol for elastomeric polyurethanes 869 874
Lucy Vojtová, Vojtěch Kupka, Jan Žídek, Jaromír Wasserbauer, Petr Sedláček, and Josef Jančář Vol. 66, 9
Rheological properties of functionalised thermosensitive copolymers for injectable applications in medicine 977 980
Ivana Chamradová, Lucy Vojtová, Lenka Michlovská, Petr Poláček, and Josef Jančář Vol. 66, 10
Collagen-grafted ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene for biomedical applications 580 588
Jindřiška Bočková, Lucy Vojtová, Radek Přikryl, Jan Čechal, and Josef Jančář Vol. 62, 6
Synthesis of silsesquioxane nanocomposites 504 508
Ondřej Smrtka and Josef Jančář Vol. 62, 5
Preparation and modification of collagen-based porous scaffold for tissue engineering 417 422
Alexandra Sloviková, Lucy Vojtová, and Josef Jančař Vol. 62, 4
Plasma-Polymerized DCMPS as Adhesive Film Characterization and Properties 165 173
V. Čech, P. Horváth, J. Jančář, F. Schauer, and S. Nešpůrek Vol. 53, 3
Preliminary Study of Sulfonation of Polystyrene by Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Reaction 224 227
F. Kučera and J. Jančář Vol. 50, 4
Engineered Interphases in Particulate Filled Polypropylene 228 232
J. Jančář, A. T. Dibenedetto, and A. Dianselmo Vol. 50, 4
Theoretical-study of the rotational barrier height of the anisole molecule for different solvents and partition-coefficients solvent water 289 294
L. Turi Nagy and M. Jančárova Vol. 39, 3

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