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Author: Horsák

Thermodynamic analysis and calculation of the ternary phase-diagram of the system water urea ammonium-nitrate 721 730
P. Fellner, I. Horsák, I. Koštenská, A. Žúžiová, and A. Michalíková Vol. 42, 6
Computer construction of ternary phase-diagrams 23 33
I. Horsák and I. Sláma Vol. 41, 1
Computer modeUing of the phase diagrams of nonideal systems with the formation of solid solutions 15 28
I. Horsak and I. Sláma Vol. 39, 1
Integration of the Le Chatelier-Shreder equation for different forms of temperature dependence of ΔCp 745 748
I. Horsák and I. Sláma Vol. 36, 6
Method of evaluation of the phase diagram of a system with formation of a compound 311 320
I. Horsák and I. Sláma Vol. 36, 3
Preparation of N-methylamidoselenates 169 176
J. Krejčí, I. Horsák, and K. Dostál Vol. 25, 3

Monday, July 26, 2021

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