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Author: Havel

Prediction of Equilibrium Constants in Aqueous Solution. I. The Extrapolation of Equilibrium Constants to Zero Ionic Strength Using PLS, Artificial Neural Networks, and Genetic "Soft" Modelling 299 305
M. Farková, P. Lubal, and J. Havel Vol. 58, 5
Quantitative MALDI-TOFMS Analysis of Amino Acids Applying Soft Modeling Methods 188 193
P. Maršálek, M. Farková, and J. Havel Vol. 56, 3
The Complexation of Palladium(II) by Chloroacetate 157 161
P. Lubal, T. Godula, and J. Havel Vol. 55, 3
Potentiometrie Study of Tungsten(VI) Complex Formation with Tartrate 289 295
P. Lubal, J. Perutka, and J. Havel Vol. 54, 5
Spectrophotometric Analysis of α- and β-Naphthol Mixtures Applying Partial Least-Squares Method 34 39
A. L. Revilla, G. Vargas, and J. Havel Vol. 53, 1
Spectrophotometric and Potentiometrie Study of Uranyl Hydrolysis in Perchlorate Medium. Is Derivative Spectrophotometry Suitable for Search of the Chemical Model? 213 220
P. Lubal and J. Havel Vol. 51, 4
Evaluation of Equilibrium Constants from Potentiometrie Z—pH Normalized Curves Using the Partial Least Squares (PLS) Self-Calibration Method 162 166
J. Perůtka, J. Havel, L. Galindo, F. G. Montelongo, and J. J. Arias León Vol. 50, 4
Computational Problems in Evaluation of Colligative Property Equilibrium Data 109 114
M. Martinez, N. Miralles, A. Sastre, M. Lubalova, and J. Havel Vol. 50, 3
Evaluation of Inductively Coupled Plasma—Atomic Emission Spectroscopy Multicomponent Trace Analysis Data by Partial Least-Squares Calibration 125 130
J. Havel, C. Moreno, A. Hrdliáka, and M. Valiente Vol. 50, 3
Spectrophotometric Study of Equilibria Complexation of Copper(ll), Zinc(ll), and Iron(lll) with 4-(1H-1,2,4- Triazolyl-3-azo)-2-methylresorcinol and Multicomponent Analysis Determination in Drugs 386 392
A. Jimenéz, O. Hernández, F. Jimenéz, J. J. Arias, and J. Havel Vol. 48, 6
Copper(II) and nickel(II) complexes with oxalamide-N,N'-di-β-propionic acid 734 739
J. Votava, J. Havel, and M. Bartušek Vol. 29, 6
Complex formation between boric and salicylic acids 582 588
J. Havel, L. Havelková, and M. Bartušek Vol. 23, 8

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