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Author: Drábik

Chemistry for the design and better understanding of cement-based materials and composites 91 97
M. Drábik, Ľ. Gáliková, and R. C. T. Slade Vol. 60, 2
Preparation, Spectral and Thermal Properties of Two Tetracyanopalladates(II) of Nickel(II) and the Crystal Structure of [Ni(en)3][Pd(CN)4] ] H2O 224 231
J. Bubanec, J. Černák, I. Potočňák, M. Drábik, and J. Lipkowski Vol. 58, 4
Synthesis and Properties of 1,4-Butanediammonium Poly vanadates 203 209
Ľ. Žúrková, R. Kucsera, and M. Drábik Vol. 54, 4
František Hanic - Seventy Years Old 64 64
M. Drábik Vol. 52, 1
MDF-related compositions based on novel low-energy clinkers 363 366
M. Drábik, L. Gáliková, F. Hanic, and J.H. Sharp Vol. 51, 6A
Influence of temperature, vanadium concentration, and degree of solution acidification on composition of the solid products. VI. Products of the reactions taking place in acidified solutions of strontium metavanadate 799 808
M. Drábik and Ľ. Žúrková Vol. 36, 6

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