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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Author: Cudak

Numerical analysis of hydrodynamics in a mechanically agitated gas–liquid pseudophase system 481 489
Magdalena Cudak Vol. 73, 2
Transport phenomena in an agitated vessel with an eccentrically located impeller 146 155
Magdalena Cudak, Joanna Karcz, and Anna Kiełbus-Rąpała Vol. 65, 2
The effect of the physical properties of the liquid phase on the gas-liquid mass transfer coefficient in two- and three-phase agitated systems 185 192
Anna Kiełbus-Rąpała, Joanna Karcz, and Magdalena Cudak Vol. 65, 2
Distribution of local heat transfer coefficient values in the wall region of an agitated vessel 92 99
Magdalena Cudak and Joanna Karcz Vol. 62, 1
Momentum transfer in an agitated vessel with off-centred impellers 375 380
M. Cudak and J. Karcz Vol. 60, 5
Efficiency of the Heat Transfer Process in a Jacketed Agitated Vessel Equipped with an Eccentrically Located Impeller 382 386
J. Karcz and M. Cudak Vol. 56, 6

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