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Author: Balán

Experimental investigation of hydrodynamics and chromium(VI) adsorption in continuous countercurrent fluidized column 1281 1288
G. Angeline Divya, R. Sakthibalan, K. Sumithra Parvadha Varthini, K. Deepa, and S. Samdavid Vol. 74, 4
Nanoencapsulation strategies for lipid-soluble vitamins 1 16
Shubham Subrot Panigrahi, Irshaan Syed, Sivapratha Sivabalan, and Preetam Sarkar Vol. 73, 1
Excess molar volumes of the (cyclohexane + pentane, or hexane, or heptane, or octane, or nonane) systems at the temperature 298.15 K 497 501
J. Balán, L. Morávková, and J. Linek Vol. 61, 6
The isolation of citrinin from Penicillium notatum 128 139
V. Betina, P. Nemec, M. Kutková, J. Balán, and Š. Kováč Vol. 18, 2
Identification of antibiotic S-82 843 847
V. Betina, P. Nemec, J. Balan, and Š. Kováč Vol. 15, 11-12
Antibiotic S-82 with a wide range of effectiveness 674 678
P. Nemec, V. Betina, and J. Balán Vol. 14, 9
Color stability of morphine salts 409 419
J. Balán and E. Csere Vol. 7, 7
The effect of trace elements on Saccharomyces cerevisiae 391 427
P. Nemec, J. Balán, J. Fuska, and I. Veliký Vol. 6, 7-8

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