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Effect of cations on polyaniline morphology 946 951
David Pahovnik, Ema Žagar, Jiří Vohlídal, and Majda Žigon Vol. 67, 8
Efficiency of a fixed-bed and a gas-lift three-column reactor for continuous production of ethanol by pectate-and alginate-immobilized Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells 154 159
M. Valach, M. Navrátil, V. Horváthová, J. Zigová, E. Šturdík, E. Hrabárová, and P. Gemeiner Vol. 60, 2
Transplant connectivity in the rat olfactory bulb traced with DiI 468 468
E. Racekova and T. Zigova Vol. 52, SI
Cryometric Analysis of the Phase Diagrams  of Pseudobinary Systems of the System CaO • Si02 (CS)-2CaO • Al203 • Si02 (C2AS)-CaO - Al203 - 2Si02 (CAS2) 2. Results of the Analysis. 169 174
M. Eliášová, O. Žigo, and I. Proks Vol. 47, 3
Cryometric analysis of the phase-diagrams of pseudobinary systems of the system CaO.SiO2(CS)-2CaO.Al2O3.SiO2(C2AS)-CaO.Al2O3.2SiO2 (CAS2). 1. Theoretical part 7 9
I. Proks, M. Eliášová, and O. Žigo Vol. 46, 1
Determination of the enthalpy of crystallization of ternary eutectic melt in the system 2CaO.Al2O3.SIO2 CaO.Al2O3..2SiO2-CaO.SiO2 731 741
K. Adamkovičová, L. Kosa, I. Proks, and O. Žigo Vol. 42, 6
Determination of the enthalpy of crystallization of eutectic melt in the system 2CaO.Al2O3.SiO2 - CaO.Al2O3. 2SiO2 289 298
L. Kosa, O. Žigo, K. Adamkovičová, and I. Proks Vol. 41, 3
Determination of the heat of fusion of 2CaO.Al2O3.SIO2 (gehlenite) 171 181
O. Žigo, K. Adamkovičová, L. Kosa, I. Nerád, and I. Proks Vol. 41, 2

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