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Author: Šingliar

4th International Seminar on Inclusion Compounds 855 855
M. Šingliar Vol. 45, 6
Gas chromatography of alkyl N-phenylcarbamates 519 525
M. Šingliar, V. Macho, and J. Terlandová Vol. 43, 4
Influence of auxiliary solvents on tetracyano complex-compounds 735 745
A. Sopková, F. Kaľavský, M. Šingliar, J. Bubanec, and P. Králik Vol. 40, 6
Modification of sorption properties of tetracyano complexes of nickel and possibility of their analytical use 595 604
M. Šingliar and A. Sopková Vol. 40, 5
Low-molecular-weight polyethylene as a low polarity high-temperature stationary phase for gas chromatography 661 670
M. Šingliar and V. Macho Vol. 35, 5
Stationary phase for analysis of the oxidation products of p-xylene by gas-liquid chromatography 203 212
M. Šingliar, V. Macho, and M. Revús Vol. 34, 2
Study of the effect of substituents on the electronic structure of the silver and potassium salts of 3-(substituted phenyl)iminoxindoles 229 236
A. Košturiak, M. Šingliar, and A. Ninčáková Vol. 30, 2
Identification of the higher-boiling products resulting from chlorination of isobutylene 355 358
A. Bielická and M. Šingliar Vol. 27, 3
Identification of alcohols in the octanol fraction, formed by the aldolization of crotonaldehyde 559 569
M. Šingliar, I. Volek, and M. Sestrienková Vol. 19, 7
Analysis of products of oxo synthesis 527 532
M. Šingliar, J. Brida, and V. Spišský Vol. 18, 7
Gas-chromatographic separation of propane-propylene chloro derivatives 209 214
M. Šingliar, A. Bobák, and J. Brida Vol. 14, 3
The determination of mercury in catalysts for vinyl chloride production 411 417
M. Šingliar and V. Kapišinska Vol. 11, 7
Determination of acetylene 70 73
M. Šingliar and V. Smejkal Vol. 10, 1

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