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Author: Šiška

Low-cost, sustainable, and high-capacity magnetite–cellulose adsorbent from Ramie stem (Boehmeria nivea L.) as oil spill solution 7429 7440
Maktum Muharja, Siska Nuri Fadilah, I. Made Arimbawa, Sofiatul Hasanah, Rizki Fitria Darmayanti, Mahardika Fahrudin Rois, and Mochamad Asrofi Vol. 76, 12
Dynamic shape and wall correction factors of cylindrical particles falling vertically in a Newtonian liquid 1245 1249
Jaroslav Strnadel, Bedřich Šiška, and Ivan Machač Vol. 67, 9
Fall of Spherical Particles through a Carreau Fluid 397 403
P. Doleček, H. Bendová, B. Šiška, and I. Machač Vol. 58, 6
Inhomogeneities in Fluidization of Spherical Particle Beds with Non-Newtonian Polymer Solutions 390 395
I. Machač, B. Šiška, and Z. Lecjaks Vol. 53, 6
Base as a Selectivity Agent of Palladium Catalysts in Hydrogenation of 3,7-Dimethyl-6-octen-1-yn-3-ol 189 192
K. Šiška, J. Ilavský, and D. Mravec Vol. 46, 3
Kinetics of catalytic-hydrogenation of 3,7-dimethyl-9-(2,6,6-trimethyl-1-cyclohexenyl)-2,7-nonadien-4-yne-1,6-diol 541 545
K. Šiška, J. Ilavský, and D. Mravec Vol. 45, 4
The electrical conductance and the structure of the NaF AlF3 melts 743 751
J. Šiška, V. Daněk, K. Matiašovský, and A. Silný Vol. 42, 6
Volume properties of the melts of the system KF-KCl-K2TiF6 753 761
V. Daněk, J. Šiška, and K. Matiašovský Vol. 42, 6

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