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Cu(II) ions loaded on magnesium silicate nanofibers for the liquid oxidation of benzyl alcohol

Nguyen Tien Thao and Tran Quyet Thang

Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Hanoi, Vietnam



Abstract: Cu(II) ions were precipitated on nanofiberous magnesium silicate support using hydroxide solution. The texture and characterization of the obtained solids have been investigated by physical methods including XRD, SEM, BET, EDS, XPS, and FT-IR. The catalysts showed medium surface area, highly distributed Cu(II) oxide on the sepiolite fibers. In the liquid-phase oxidation of benzyl alcohol at low temperatures, CuO serves as an active component for the selective production of benzaldehyde. The catalytic activity of the prepared CuO/sepiolite was associated with the dispersion and amount of CuO loading, location and oxidation states of active sites, preparation routes, and reaction variables. Cu2+/sepiolite is active for the selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde.

Keywords: Sepiolite ; T-BuOOH ; Benzyl alcohol ; Supported catalysts ; Solvent-free oxidation 

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-019-00901-y


Chemical Papers 74 (2) 571–579 (2020)

Sunday, June 23, 2024

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