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Progressive preliming as a basis for improved method for clarification of sugar-beet juice

J. Vašátko, R. Kohn, and L. Závodský

Forschungsinstitut für Zuckerfabrikation, Bratislava


Abstract: cf. following abstr. The effect of progressive preliming (C.A. 44, 7575a; 46, 8883g.) can be materially increased if the raw sugar-beet juice, to which a definitive amt. of first carbonated muddy juice has been returned, is prelimed progressively at 60° with 0.30% CaO and finished with the addn. of 0.30% CaO. Then the juice is heated to 90° and simultaneously limed and carbonated to the optimum alky. of the first carbonation (0.10% CaO). Now the major part of the first carbonated juice is further processed while the other part is overcarbonated to the alky. (0.015% CaO) corresponding to the last carbonation and is returned into the raw juice. This process is repeated. Thus the org. nonsugars and CaCO3 form a very coarse structure of aggregates which have good filterable and sedimentary qualities. The quality of the clarified juice is greatly increased.

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Chemical Papers 7 (1-2) 45–54 (1953)

Sunday, May 16, 2021

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