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Physical properties of ethylene glycol and its derivatives. III. Equilibrium of liquid and gas binary mixtures

J. Dykyj, J. Paulech, and P. Kľúčovský

Research Institute for Acetylenchemistry, Nováky


Abstract: cf. C.A. 52, 6877b. Liquid-gas equil. of 11 binary mixts. contg. as 1 component ethers or esters of ethylene glycol were measured. With the exception of the binary system AcOH plus MeOC2H4OAc (I) all other systems including EtOH plus EtOC2H4OH, measured by Baker, et al. (C.A. 34, 189) can be well correlated with the Norrish and Twigg (C.A. 48, 5582g) equation and with the 2- or 3-const. equation of H´ala (C.A. 51, 12625b). Equil. I can be correlated only with H´ala's 4-const. equation. Av. deviations between experimentally detd. values and calcd. values are approx. the same according to equations of N. and T. and of H. H.'s equation is simpler and easier to calc.

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Chemical Papers 12 (9) 543–557 (1958)

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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