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The validity of Peyrone's and J.ovrddot.organsen's rule for complex cupric compounds

J. Gažo, K. Serátorová, and M. Serátor

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: The validity of Peyrone's (Ann. 51, 1(1844)) and J.ovrddot.orgensen's (J. prakt. Chem. 33, 489(1886)) rule was studied in complex Cu(II) compds. Following this rule, α- and β-CuBr2(NH3)2 (I) and α- and β-CuCl2(NH3)2 (II) were prepd. in cryst. form by replacement of halogen with NH3 in complex anions [CuX4]-- (marked as α). Compds. were also prepd. with NH3 in the inner co.ovrddot.ordination sphere of the Cu(II) cation (marked as β). The properties of I depend upon whether it was prepd. according to Peyrone's or J.ovrddot.orgensen's scheme. Crystals of I derived from aq. solns. of NH4Br have properties of β-CuBr2(NH3)2; the NH3 mols. are in the trans position. Cryst. trans-I on standing under an aq. soln. of NH4Br changes to α-I. II exists in 2 forms, and the crystal structure of II is different from that of the α- or β-form.

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Chemical Papers 13 (1) 3–15 (1959)

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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