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Diffusion in polypropylene. I. Kinetics of desorption of water

J. Očadlík and L. Valko

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: The desorption of H2O from isotactic polypropylene at 23° after thermal oxidative destruction at 120° for O to 8 hrs. was studied. Diffusion coeffs. and soly. of H2O in polypropylene were calcd. and kinetic desorption processes evaluated. From the kinetic analysis it was detd. that the diffusion of H2O in polypropylene is governed by the 2nd Fourier-Fick law (cf. Barber, Diffusion in and through Solids, 1952 (CA 46, 4902i)), i.e. the diffusion coeffs. are not a function of H2O concn. Soly. of H2O in the 1st phases of the oxidn. is in the amorphous portion of the polypropylene. The sudden increase in soly. after prolonged oxidn. is caused by an increase in the destruction and by an increase in polar oxidn. products.

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Chemical Papers 14 (5) 345–352 (1960)

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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