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Identification and determination of phenol, p-cresol, dian (bisphenol A) and p-hydroxybenzoic acid with paper chromatography

O. Mlejnek and H. Sečkářová

Res. Inst. Cable Insul. Subst., Bratislava


Abstract: The sepn. is made on Whatman No. 4 paper, impregnated with 20% HCONH2. The moving phase is 1:1:0.1 hexane-CHCl3-99.5% EtOH, satd. with HCONH2. After the solvent front reaches the lower edge of the paper, the development is continued 20 min. more. The paper is dried 3-5 min. and the chromatogram developed by spraying first with a 5:1.5 (by vol.) mixt. of 0.3% sulfanilic acid in 8% HCl with 1% NaNO3, then with 20% Na2CO3. For quant. estn., the chromatogram is cut into strips and subjected to direct photometry in reflected light. For 1-10 γ of the components the accuracy of direct photometric evaluation of chromatographic spots is ±20%.

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Chemical Papers 15 (11-12) 885–889 (1961)

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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