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Oscillographic polarography in quantitative analysis. XVII. Determination of iron manganese, and copper in mineral ores

J. Doležal and V. P. Gladyshev

Karlova University, Prague.


Abstract: To det. Fe and Mn in ores, dissolve 0.1 g. of the sample in 5 ml. of a boiling mixt. of 85% H3PO4 + 70% HClO4 (1:1) for 10 min., cool, dil. to 100 ml. with H2O, take 5 ml., add 0.5 ml. of 0.1M Complexon III and dil. to 25 ml. with 0.5M triethanolamine in M NaOH. After shaking this soln. with air, record the oscillographic curve dE/dt = f(E) with a dropping Hg electrode. To det. Cu, dissolve 0.1 g. of the sample in 5 ml. of boiling HNO3, evap. to small vol., add 5 ml. HCl, evap., cool, dil. to 100 ml. with H2O. Take 5 ml., dil. to 50 ml. with M HCl and record the oscillographic curve. This method is suitable as a rapid orientation analysis.

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Chemical Papers 16 (4-5) 289–294 (1962)

Friday, December 08, 2023

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