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The determination of the crystallization of Thiokol A by x-ray method


Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: By comparing the x-ray diffraction and background intensities, the dependence of the crystn. of Thiokol A [poly(ethylene tetrasulfide)] on temp. for 3 types was detd. Type I was crystd. freely from the latex, type II from CS2 soln. on glass, and type III from CS2 soln. on NaCl. The diffraction intensity from the cryst. portion and the amorphous halo intensity were detd. by correcting the integrated intensity with the sum of the squares of at. scattering factors, making polarization and absorption factor corrections on the planar film. The integrated intensity was detd. by planimeter. The max. amt. of the cryst. portion in type I was 42.2%, in type II 29.4% and in type III 43.3%. The optimum temp. of the crystn. in type I and III is 50° and in type II 55°. By crystg. Thiokol A from a satd. CS2 soln. on glass, a product of new structure was formed which does not correspond to the rhombohedral crystal system, and which show 4 diffraction lines corresponding to interplanar distances 4.6, 4.26, 3.18, and 3.05 A.

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Chemical Papers 16 (11) 818–828 (1962)

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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