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Oscillopolarographic study of the reduction of selenites and tellurites

V. P. Gladyshev and Z. B. Rozhdestvenskaya

Kazakh State Univ., Alma-Ata.


Abstract: In oscillographic polarography with a.c. and a dropping Hg electrode, SeO3-- in HCl or H2SO4 solns. gives 3 cathodic inflections at potentials of -0.51, -0.75, and - 1.14 v.; TeO3-- gives analogous inflections at -0.41, -0.78, and -1.2 v. vs. satd. calomel electrode. The 2nd cathodic inflection appears at concn. of SeO3-- or TeO3-- of 5 × 10-5M and corresponds to redn. to H2Se or H2Te, resp., while the 1st is capacitive in nature and the 3rd corresponds to catalytic H evolution. In M KOH, SeO3-- is inactive, while TeO3-- gives a sharp anodic inflection at - 1.24 v. The best supporting electrolyte for detn. of SeO3-- is 0.5M Na2CO3 + 0.05M complexone III.

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Chemical Papers 17 (8) 586–591 (1963)

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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