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Preparation and properties of a new composite photocatalyst based on nanosized titanium dioxide

Peter Ševčík, Gabriel Čík, Tomáš Vlna, and Tomáš Mackuľak

Institute of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Slovak University of Technology, Radlinského 9, 812 37 Bratislava, Slovakia



Received: 15 April 2008  Revised: 28 July 2008  Accepted: 15 August 2008

Abstract: The use of photocatalysts supported on adsorbents is receiving substantial attention. Supporting TiO2 with zeolites is found to be one of the best solutions to increase the efficiency of TiO2-based photocatalysts. This work was focused on simple preparation of a TiO2/Na-ZSM-5 composite catalyst by the solid state dispersion (SSD) method and its modification with an organic photosensitizer — polythiophene (PT). Using the XRD diffractometry, structure of the new composite catalyst was proved. Beside this composite catalyst, mechanical mixtures of TiO2-based catalysts with Na-ZSM-5 zeolite were prepared. The efficiency of all five available photocatalysts (TiO2, TiO2-PT, mechanical mixture of TiO2 + Na-ZSM-5, mechanical mixture of TiO2-PT + Na-ZSM-5, and the modified SSD-PT composite) on photodegradation of 4-chlorophenol was compared. By measuring the formation of chloride ions and decreasing the 4-chlorophenol concentration at two different initial concentrations of 4-chlorophenol in the basic aqueous solution, the photoefficiency and adsorption properties of our photocatalysts were determined.

Keywords: 4-chlorophenol - composite catalyst - heterogeneous photocatalysis - titanium dioxide - ZSM-5 zeolite - thiophene oligomers

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DOI: 10.2478/s11696-008-0101-4


Chemical Papers 63 (2) 249–254 (2009)

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