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The ozonization of thiocyanates and cyanides

Z. Valtr

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: In studying the relation of the ozonization of KSCN solns. on the time, it was detd. that the conversion into cyanide and sulfate is carried out in 11 to 12 min. In the 1st phase of the reaction, the decompn. is carried out almost exclusively on the cyanide with a cleavage of S. This reaction is practically linearly related to the time. After the decompn. of KSCN in the 2nd phase of the reaction, there is a slow oxidn. of cyanides into cyanates. At lower pH values in the tested interval, the total decompn. of KSCN is decreased. In calcg. the effect of the O utilization of the O3, it was detd. that the total effect of the ozonization was good. In the 1st phase, 1.5 atoms of O was utilized from every mol. of O3. In the 2nd phase of the reaction, CN- → OCN- the utilization was decreased to 0.5 atom of O from every mol. of O3.

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Chemical Papers 17 (10-11) 735–746 (1963)

Sunday, November 28, 2021

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