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Pyrolysis of atactic polypropylene

P. Drienovský and Ondrej Kyseľ

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava


Abstract: The thermal degradation of atactic polypropylene (I) in a stream of H was studied with a previously described app. (CA 60, 14609e). Samples of I (3-4 mg.) were pyrolyzed 11.6 sec. on an elec. heated Pt foil; the temp. was controlled by a Pt-PtRh thermocouple. The gaseous decompn. products were detd. by gas chromatography. Decompn. is very slow up to 300°. Above 320°, the main decompn. product is C3H6; its concn. reaches a max. at 720°. The yield of C3H6 is unexpectedly high, owing to its rapid removal from the reaction zone by the carrier gas. Under stationary conditions, considerably smaller amts. of C3H6 are found because it undergoes decompn. in the reaction zone. Above 720°, the yield of C3H6 declines; CH4 and C2H4 in roughly equal amts. become the principal decompn. products. The 1:1 ratio is probably due to their formation by decompn. of the Pr radical. The amt. of C2H4 decreases after reaching a max. at 860°, while the amt. of CH4 continues to rise steeply. C2H2, which is first found at 720°, also continues to increase with increasing temp. Other decompn. products are ethane, propane, and trans-2-butene; if the sample size is increased to 5.5 mg., isobutylene, 1-butene, and cis-2-butene are also found. The various decompn. products are formed by isomerization of •CH[CH2CH(Me).sbd.]2 to other macroradicals, e.g. -CH(Me)CH2CH2CH2CH(CH2•)CH2.sbd., followed by scission.

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Chemical Papers 18 (7) 512–526 (1964)

Thursday, May 13, 2021

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XXVIII. International Conference on Coordination and Bioinorganic Chemistry
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