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Distillable phenolic substances from wood methanolysis. II

M. Černý

Institut für theoretische Grundlagen der chemischen Technik der Tschechoslowakischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Laboratorium für Holzforschung, Praha


Abstract: cf. ibid. 19, 715(1965); CA 64, 910g. The products of methanolysis of sprucewood, α-methoxypropio-guaiacone (I), vanilloylacetyl (II), α-methoxyguaiacylacetone (III), guaiacylacetone (IV), and α-hydroxypropioguaiacone (V) were subjected in SO2 at 140° to addnl. methanolysis with 90% and anhyd. MeOH. The reaction products were analyzed by paper chromatography on Al2O3 and by ir spectroscopy. In anhyd. MeOH, there is a possibility of the formation of acetals and ketals and veratroles by reaction of MeOH with CO and OH groups. By methanolysis of II, 2 compds. of Rf = 0.69-0.72 and 0.90-0.93 and by methanolysis of IV, a compd. of Rf = 0.90-0.93, and from vanillin, a compd. of Rf 0.90-0.91 were detd. I and III were synthesized.

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Chemical Papers 20 (2) 132–140 (1966)

Friday, June 21, 2024

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