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Simultaneous flame photometric determination of lithium and sodium

Ž. Lubyová, M. Malinovský, and K. Matiašovský

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava 9


Abstract: The sample of fused fluoride was dissolved in H2O or in a satd. soln. of H3BO3 in HCl. The solns. were analyzed by flame photometry on the basis of calibration curves for varying amts. of Li and Na. The samples contained 0.1-26.0% Li and 0.4-54.0% Na, and Li:Na ratio 1:600 to 60:1. Li and Na were detd. by spectral anal. in the O-C2H2 flame at 670.8 mμ and 589.3 mμ, resp. on a CF4 spectrophotometer. The measuring ranges were 5-50 mg. Li/l. and 5-400 mg. Na/l. The relative error of 1 detn. of Li or Na was <3.0%.

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Chemical Papers 21 (11) 839–849 (1967)

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

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