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Quantitative Analysis of Biphenyl, Terphenyls and Polyphenyls by Programmed Temperature Gas—Solid Chromatography

F. Onuška and J. Janák

Chemko, N. E., Department of Technical Development, Strážske


Abstract: The authors studied the separation of biphenyl, terphenyls and several polyphenyls on a caesium chloride modified support, isothermally and at programmed column temperature. The quantitative determination of the individual constituents has been treated statistically and the determinations by IR spectroscopy and gas —solid chromatography have been compared as to their corectness. Lack of suitable organic stationary liquids which could be employed at temperatures above 280 °C is due to the limited thermal stability of organic compounds and to their high vapour pressure at such temperatures.

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Chemical Papers 22 (12) 929–935 (1968)

Saturday, May 21, 2022

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