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Reaction of atactic polypropylene with dibenzothiazol-2-yl disulfide

P. Farka, A. A. Sokolov√°, A. A. Dontsov, and B. A. Dogadkin

Nauch.-Issled. Inst. Sin. Kauch., Kralupy nad Vltavou


Abstract:  This paper deals with the structure of polymeric reaction products arising from the reaction of atactic polypropylene with benzothiazyldisulfide. Kinetics of this reaction was studied from the reaction temperature and benzothiazyldisulfide concentration points of view. It has been found that benzothiazyldisulfide becomes bound to the polymer during reaction, 2-mercaptobenzthiazole and low-molecular products being formed at the time. The reaction rate constant of polymer formation with benzothiazyl groups is considerably higher than that of 2-mercaptobenzthiazole. Based upon kinetic and spectral data the mechanism of the studied reaction has been suggested. Polymeric products containing benzothiazyl groups bound to the polymer by di- and polysulfidic bonds are formed in the first stage; these undergo alteration in the further stage of the reaction benzothiazylmonosulfide and thioketone groups being formed.

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Chemical Papers 23 (6) 469–476 (1969)

Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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