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Theory of equilibrium phase diagrams of condensed multicompenent systems. IV. Systems with incongruently melting chemical compounds

M. Malinovský

Institut für anorganische Technologie an der Slowakischen Technischen Hochschule, Bratislava 1


Abstract: The difference between the eutectic and the peritectic character of the solidification process and its influence on the phase diagram was described. It was detd. that two kinds of structure components must be recognized in the systems with the incongruent m.p. compds., the eutectic one, formed by the reaction L → S1 + S2 + ..., and the peritectic one, formed by the reaction L + S1 + S2 + ... → S1' + S2' + ..., with L the liq. and S1, S1' the solid phases. The topological term of the elementary space area was introduced. This is a set of figurative points of the phase diagrams, the melts of which are identical as to the quality and no. of phases present in the solidified sample and as to the sequence of the processes accompanying their crystn. The relations for the detn. of the no. of their structure components of the identical orders and of their sum for both the eutectic and peritectic character and for the total no. of elementary phase areas were established. These dependences were then generalized and applied for the systems with an arbitrary no. of the incongruently melting binary compds.

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Chemical Papers 23 (6) 409–419 (1969)

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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