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New method for the construction of evaporation relation curves in spectrochemical analysis

E. Plško and J. Kubová

Geological Institute, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Komenský University, 811 00 Bratislava


Abstract:  A simplified method for obtaining the evaporation relation curves which is more rapid than the method hitherto used has been proposed for a quantitative evaluation of the evaporation of elements. Instead of obtaining the values of integral intensities ∑I by addition, using particular spectra obtained by means of the cassette movement, the integral intensities can be found directly by gradually cutting down the slit height of a spectrograph. This reduction is carried out by inserting a six-step diaphragm placed inside the slit fitting of tli3 spectrograph. The integral intensities obtained by either way are proportional to each other as it was demonstrated by concrete examples. Furthermore, this method enables us to take a record repeatedly in quick succession on the same place of photographic plate what is not always possible if the plate cassette moves.

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Chemical Papers 27 (6) 781–786 (1973)

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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