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Determination of Silicon in Tantalum nod its Compounds Using ICP-OES

G. Anil, M. R. P. Reddy, A. Kumar, and T. L. Prakash

Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology, IDA, PHASE-II, HCL Post, Cherlapalli, Hyderabad - 500 051, India



Received: 4 November 2002

Abstract: Determination of trace levels of silicon in tantalum hydroxide potassium tantalum fluoride and tantalum powder using inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer is presented, The main limitation for the analysis of silicon is its volatility, a high risk of contamination and its presence in hydrofluoric acid which causes a lot of difficulties in line selection and thereby analysis. Here, a novel process was applied for line selection using cupferron for partial precipitation of tantalum for selecting tantalum interference-free silicon line. Preparing samples in clean room controlled the contamination caused by silicon. The results of silicon analyzed in clean room and in open room are also presented.

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Chemical Papers 58 (3) 195–199 (2004)

Thursday, January 27, 2022

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XXVIII. International Conference on Coordination and Bioinorganic Chemistry
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