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Study of aluminum halides in nonaqueous solvents. II. Effect of the excess of free halides

M. Gálová and L. Lux

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Metallurgy, Technical University, 04385 Košice


Abstract: The effect was studied of an excess of free chloride and bromide ions on solns. of AlCl3 and AlBr3 in acetonitrile. The polarog. study showed no essential changes in the polarog. record when identical halides were added. The addn. of bromide ions to AlCl3 soln. causes a remarkable positive shift of the half-wave potential of AlCl3. The addn. of chloride ions to AlBr3 soln. results in a total elimination of the neg. wave of AlBr3. These effects are discussed from the point of view of ionization and complex formation equilibria of the investigated systems.

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Chemical Papers 30 (5) 599–603 (1976)

Monday, June 17, 2024

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