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Problem of the linearization of spectroanalytical calibration curves

J. Kubová and E. Plško


Abstract: The emission spectrog. anal. calibration curves constructed logarithmically tend in most cases to decrease with the increase of concn. of the element to be detd. This finding is assocd. with the self-absorption of the radiation. In contrast to the intensity measurement in the line midpoint, the measurement of the integrated intensity of the line leads to an improved linear course of the anal. calibration curves. Employing the integral intensity, calcd. only from the wings of the line profile which is virtually not affected by self-absorption, a linear anal. calibration curve was obtained within the concn. range under investigation, the line slope of which can be <1.

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Chemical Papers 32 (5) 631–638 (1978)

Saturday, October 24, 2020

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