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In situ and ex situ characterization of a Fe-Cr-Ni alloy in mouthwashes and Hank’s solution

Dane T. Cestarolli, Valéria A. Alves, and Luís A. da Silva

Departamento de Cięncias Básicas, Faculdade de Cięncias Agrárias, UFVJM, Rua da Glória, 187, Centro, Diamantina, MG, 39100-000, Brazil



Received: 9 July 2007  Revised: 10 October 2007  Accepted: 6 November 2007

Abstract: The aim of the present study was to classify the surface oxide layers formed on a Fe-Cr-Ni alloy according to their corrosion resistance in Hank’s solution and mouthwashes by SEM and electrochemical techniques. The SEM micrographs showed the presence of localized corrosion and the polarization curves showed that the passive layer is less stable in the presence of Hank’s solution than of mouthwashes, as a result of the presence of chloride ions.

Keywords: corrosion resistance - orthodontic wire - mouthwashes - Hank’s solution - passive layer

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DOI: 10.2478/s11696-008-0031-1


Chemical Papers 62 (3) 326–328 (2008)

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