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Evaluation of a spectroscopic tandem method using information theory

Silvia Ružičková and Mikuláš Matherny

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Metallurgy, Technical University of Košice, Letná 9, SK-042 00 Košice, Slovak Republic



Received: 10 May 2007  Revised: 13 August 2007  Accepted: 21 September 2007

Abstract: To obtain vital spectroscopic data, a specific tandem spectroscopic method consisting of excitation in the DC are separated from the evaporation process was applied. Recently developed tandem spectroscopic methods require a complex evaluation process that can be described by metrological characteristics and from them derived parameters. Evaluation of the novel method optimization process is a part of the application of some chosen, specific, and generally accepted statistical methods. For this purpose, it is suitable to determine parameters of the information theory. It is necessary to compare experimental parameters of the information theory with tolerance parameters representing the values which are supposed to be achieved. To evaluate the given parameters, influence of the concentration range used was taken into account.

Keywords: information theory - spectroscopic tandem method - calibration - statistical evaluation

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DOI: 10.2478/s11696-008-0016-0


Chemical Papers 62 (3) 227–231 (2008)

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