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Cyanatocopper(II) complexes with organic ligands. XVII. Preparation and physical properties of cyanatocopper(II) complexes with aliphatic and related amines

J. Kohout, A. Mašlejová, and J. Gažo

Department of Inorganic Chemistry\ Slovak Technical University, 880 37 Bratislava


Abstract:  The cyanatocopper(II) complexes of the type Cu(NCO)2L2, where L=allylamine, propylamine, butylamine, benzylamine, cyclohexylamine, and diethylamine were prepared and studied using infrared, electronic, and e.s.r. spectroscopy and room temperature magnetic moments. From the results of these measurements it follows that the Cu(II) atom in the studied complexes has tetragonal stereochemistry from pseudooctahedral to practically planar. Degree of the axial interaction is influenced by basicity of the ligand L as well as by its steric and crystallostructural effects.

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Chemical Papers 34 (3) 320–329 (1980)

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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