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Study of the effect of temperature, vanadium concentration and degree of acidity of the solution on the composition of solid products. IV. Formation of calcium vanadate(V) from the sodium metavanadate(V)-calcium nitrate-nitric acid-water system

Č. Gőczeová

Lehrstuhl für Anorganische Chemie der Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Komenský-Universität, 816 31 Bratislava


Abstract: The main product of the reaction system NaVO3-Ca(NO3)2-HNO3-H2O at 20-60° was Ca3V10O28.xH2O (x = 16-17). In pure state it can be prepd. at 20° and 40° only. For lower acidification degrees it was contaminated by Ca(VO3)2.4H2O and for higher values of acidification by a brown substance. The main component of the brown product was Na2V6O16.3H2O or NaHV6O16.xH2O. A new double vanadate(V) of the compn. Na4CaV10O28.19H2O was prepd.

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Chemical Papers 35 (2) 235–242 (1981)

Friday, August 19, 2022

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