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The use of information theory in atomic spectrochemistry. 3. Optimization of the analytical process

M. Matherny and K. Eckschlager

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Metallurgy, Technical University, CS-04385 KoŇ°ice


Abstract: Optimization of the analytical chemistry procedures can be realized in two ways: experimental and chemometric. Among the chemometric methods, the information theory is the one enabling to express the total performance of the analytical method by one digital result only, i. e. by the information contents or measure of information contents in case of multielemental analysis. The general efficiency of the individual optimization steps is studied by mathematical simulation changing the basic performance parameters of the analytical methods.

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Chemical Papers 45 (6) 745–755 (1991)

Sunday, June 20, 2021

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XXVIII. International Conference on Coordination and Bioinorganic Chemistry
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