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Reactions of Saccharides Catalyzed by Molybdate Ions. 47. Effect of Molybdate Ions on Transformation of Lower Aldoses

J. Königstein and V. Bílik

Institute of Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, CS-842 38 Bratislava


Abstract: Formation of the corresponding 2-ketoses and dehydration products of D-erythrose, D-threose, 5-deoxy-L-ribose, 5-deoxy-L-arabinose, and DL-glyceraldehyde on epimerization catalyzed by molybdate ions was examined by polarography. Transformation of D-erythrose and D-threose was accompanied, in addition to their mutual epimerization, also with formation of the corresponding 2-ketose and a product of dehydration. On the other hand, transformations of 5-deoxy-L-ribose and 5-deoxy-L-arabinose were associated with origination of the respective dehydration and epimerization products only. The course of transformations of aldoses under investigation was compared with the conversion of DL-glyceraldehyde.

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Chemical Papers 46 (4) 257–260 (1992)

Sunday, September 26, 2021

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XXVIII. International Conference on Coordination and Bioinorganic Chemistry
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