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Phase Diagram of the System KCl—KBF4—K2TiF6

M. Chrenková, O. Patarák, and V. Daněk

Institute of inorganic Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, SK-842 36 Bratislava


Abstract: The phase diagram of the ternary system KF-KBF4-K2TiF6 was determined using the thermal analysis method. The subsequent coupled analysis of the thermodynamic and phase equilibrium data was performed to obtain thermodynamically consistent phase diagram. In the system KCl-KBF4-K2TiF6 the intermediate compound K3TiF6Cl is formed. The K3TiF6Cl-KBF4 joint divides the ternary system into two simple eutectic systems. The calculated coordinates of the two ternary eutectic points are as follows: e1: 24.1 mole % KCl, 62.1 mole % KBF4,13.8 mole % K2TiF6, θe1 = 447.1°C e2: 6.5 mole % KCl, 62.5 mole % KBF4,31.0 mole % K2TiF6, θe2 = 414.5°C. The standard deviation of the temperature of primary crystallization in the calculated ternary phase diagram is +/-17.1° C.

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Chemical Papers 49 (4) 167–172 (1995)

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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