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Biochemical Method of Oxalic Acid Production from Beet Molasses

W. Podgorski And W. Lesniak

Department of Food Biotechnology, Institute of Chemistry and Food Technology, Wroclaw University of Economics, PL-53-345 Wroclaw



Received: 31 March 2003

Abstract: The ability of Aspergillus niger strains to produce relatively high concentration of oxalic acid from a low-cost carbon substrate was investigated. The experiments proved that beet molasses was a suitable raw material for oxalic acid production when an optimized dose of potassium ferrocyanide was used as an additive. A positive e ect on the oxalic acid production was exhibited if higher concentrations of dissolved oxygen were maintained. The fermentation processes carried out in a pilot plant scale in 1500-dm3 stirred tank reactor allowed obtaining oxalic acid concentration as high as 38.7 g dm−3. This amount of product was obtained during 144 h of the batch process from 12.8 % of initial sugar content in molasses medium.


Chemical Papers 57 (6) 408–412 (2003)

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